Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychologists work with people who might have issues with anxiety, pain management, depression, psychosis, personality disorder, eating disorders, addictions, learning disabilities and family or relationship issues. A clinical psychologist works directly in the mental health field with patients. They may work with patients one-on-one or in a group setting, diagnosing and treating patients for various different mental disorders but typically do not prescribe medication.

The best psychologist in Dubai will address behavioural and mental health issues individuals face across the lifespan including

Intellectual, emotional, psychological, social and behavioural maladjustment.
Disability and discomfort.
Minor adjustment issues as well as severe psychopathology.

Some of the procedures are diagnostic interviewing, behavioural assessment, administration and interpretation of psychological test measures.

Psychotherapy is sometimes referred to as ‘talking therapy’ can be used to treat individuals, groups, couples, and families. It involves talking about your feelings to a trained professional to help you overcome your problems. There is an overlap between the work that psychotherapists in Dubai do, and psychologists do. Some therapists cover both. The different disciplines have their own place and patients need to ask professionals to direct them along the best path. ​​​​​​​