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Occupational therapy is branch of therapy dedicated to helping individuals to function and manage their physical, mental, sensory, or cognitive difficulties, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. At Dubai Community Health Centre, our mission is to help people so they can help themselves. In line with this, we offer occupational therapy in Dubai for all individuals who need therapeutic treatment to perform their activities and fully enjoy their lives.

How our occupational therapist can help you.

Our occupational therapists in Dubai can help children with special needs in all aspects of their daily lives, by enabling them to successfully adapt to their environments and manage their difficulties. Our therapists provide support to help them integrate in school and social gatherings. They help in school readiness and transition in to the mainstream schools.

Our occupational therapists offer tailored clinical treatment and services. In creating an individualised therapy programme for each child, our therapists consider the psychological, social, and environmental elements that may affect how a child functions on a day-to-day basis, whether at school, or at home. The therapy includes treatment methods that aim to improve our client’s physical, sensory, and cognitive faculties and allow them to achieve improved self-esteem and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Though each programme differs for each client, it usually includes the following core procedures:

  • Evaluation of the client’s overall well-being and determining the goals of the person and the programme.
  • Creating an intervention plan that is in line with the goals of the client and is designed to enhance the client’s daily functions and performance.
  • Regular assessment to monitor progress and make sure the client is on track to meeting his/her goals, as well as to modify the intervention plan according to the client’s progress and needs

If you or your loved one needs the expertise of a therapist to recover or improve quality of life and manage a disability, please do not hesitate to call Dubai Community Health Centre and consult with our experts.

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