Clients Bill Of Rights


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Being a valued patient of DCHC, Special Needs Center In Dubai, you and your family have the following rights & responsibilities:

Clients' Bill of Rights

  1. Fully understand and practice all your right.  If, for any reason, you don’t understand them, please let us know.
  2. Full disclosure of fees and information related to all services provided by the Centre.
  3. Receive impartial care and respect of your personal values and beliefs from all the staff without discrimination according to DHA rules and regulations.
  4. Receive comprehensive medical care aiming at reaching proper medical diagnosis and treatment of your illness and/or injury.
  5. Receive immediate care in emergency cases.
  6. Know the identity (name & speciality) of the professional responsible for your care.
  7. Receive from the health care team in a simple understandable manner comprehensive information about your diagnosis, proposed treatment, any changes in your health status and causes of such changes, alternative treatment, probabilities of treatment success or failure, therapy advantages and disadvantages (if any), possible problems related to treatment and expected results of ignoring the treatment.
  8. Have an interpreter (upon availability) if the language presents a barrier to understanding details of your comprehensive care.
  9. Participate in your care decision making.  The Centre encourages clients, parents or legal guardian to participate in planning and implementing the treatment with the professionals.
  10. Obtain a report, upon your request, for which the Centre will charge you according to DHA’s rules and regulations.
  11. Have the benefit of privacy during your treatment at the Centre and the Centre maintains confidentiality of your information.
  12. Health records can only be accessed by you or representative designated by you and under the supervision of attending healthcare professional or the most responsible healthcare professional.
  13. In order to ensure your right of confidentiality, release of your health records will be done only after receiving duly filled and signed consent form from you along with a valid copy of your ID proof.
  14. Choose the professional of your choice, upon availability.
  15. Refuse the treatment (if you wish so). Thus, the professional must inform you of the consequences of your refusal.  Accordingly, you will have to sign a form with your decision.
  16. Refuse follow-up/examination of your treatment details by any person not directly responsible for your care.  Persons who are not directly involved in your treatment must have your consent to attend your case discussion, examination and treatment.
  17. Be protected during treatment from any physical, verbal or psychological assault.
  18. Consistency:  Reliability; no disruption in the delivery of services unless well planned for or in case of illness.
  19. Have a family member or guardian as an escort depending on your availability and health status, as per DHA rules and regulations.
  20. Receive upon your request an itemized bill explaining all charges regardless paid by yourself or another source.
  21. View your medical records under the supervision of the treating doctor or a medical team staff, according to the DHA rules and regulations.
  22. Complaints and suggestions can be submitted at the reception desk.
  23. In case of a new scientific research conducted by DHA pertaining to your treatment, your doctor will inform you on all related issues including potential benefits and risks, therapeutic alternatives and medical research protocol details.
  24. If you are asked to participate in medical research, you have the right to give a written consent or refuse.  You also have the right to end your participation at any time for any reason.  This will not compromise the quality of services provided to you.
  25. The Centre is committed to provide decent and compassionate care respecting the unique needs of the clients according to DHA rules and regulations.

Clients' Bill of Responsibilities

  1. Respect the Centre’s rules and regulations.
  2. Show consideration for other and deal with other clients and staff with respect.
  3. Respect the privacy and comfort of other clients.
  4. Provide complete and accurate information about present complaints, past illnesses, previous hospitalization and any known allergy.   
  5. Give your written general consent for treatment at the Centre.       
  6. Give your written informed consent before any minor surgery, anaesthesia or any other procedures that entail your written consent (according to DHA rules and regulations); after receiving all information that you may need. This must include the procedure benefits, available alternatives and all possible risks (if any).                   
  7. Follow the professional’s instructions.
  8. Hold the responsibility of refusing or not following the treatment plan, after being informed of consequences.
  9. Avoid delay in taking an appointment as soon as it is requested by the professional.
  10. Attend the appointment on time.  If you wish to cancel it contact the reception staff 24 hours in advance.
  11. Respect the priority given to emergency cases.
  12. Observe safety regulations including no-smoking policy and maintaining the cleanliness of the place, hand hygiene etc.
  13. Ensure that financial obligations due to the Centre are fulfilled promptly.
  14. Avoid bringing valuables and personal belongings to the Center. The Center will not be responsible for damage or loss of such belongings