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Adult Psychiatry

Psychiatry is a patient-focused specialty of medicine that is dedicated to the treatment of illnesses affecting the mental and emotional health of an individual, as well as their behavioural and physical condition. Studies have proven that physical health is affected by a person’s mental or emotional condition. The best psychiatrist in Dubai should be a medical doctor qualified to examine and treat both the mental and physical facets of psychological problem.


Children and adolescents have unique developmental needs and challenges when they grow. Our experts can help children/adolescents and their families while dealing with developmental, behavioural and emotional problems. The psychiatrist who is experience in assisting this age group will look into the temperament, strengths and vulnerabilities, home and schooling environment to understand their client’s difficulties. This is important as it helps formulate a management plan that is cognizant of the unique factors within the young person and their environment.


Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) are highly trained professionals who assess and treat children and adults who are having difficulties related to speech or language, as well as problems with communication, feeding, swallowing and cognitive communication as well as difficulties i.e. any communication skills that require memory, perception, attention, organisation or problem solving.


Occupational therapy is branch of therapy dedicated to helping individuals to function and manage their physical, mental, sensory, or cognitive difficulties, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. At Dubai Community Health Centre, our mission is to help people so they can help themselves. In line with this, we offer occupational therapy in Dubai for all individuals who need therapeutic treatment to perform their activities and fully enjoy their lives.


Dubai Community Health Centre offers professional marriage and couple therapy. Our team of licensed, trained and experienced therapists can help you and your partner to enjoy a healthier, stronger, and happier relationship. Marriage counselling serves as a powerful avenue for couples seeking to strengthen their bond and navigate challenges. Our experienced counselors offer a supportive space where partners can enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and rediscover shared strengths. Through evidence-based techniques, this transformative process empowers individuals and couples to rebuild trust, foster emotional connection, and develop effective problem-solving skills. Invest in the well-being of your relationship with marriage counseling, a valuable resource for cultivating lasting harmony and resilience in your partnership.


Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders. Here at Dubai Community Health Centre, we offer the expertise of our clinical psychologist, who possess excellent qualifications and years of experience in their field.


Stress is major concern for employees and managers, and mental health conditions continue to be a leading cause of illness and lost productivity for many employers. Factors related to the mental conditions of employees affect work performance by reducing productivity and increase absenteeism. Many of these factors are either preventable or modifiable through the support of a comprehensive Employee Assistant Program (EAP) to employees.